They were the first European jeans brand to become a global phenomenon. It all started in the glorious 70s when sporting legends and style icons of the time like Björn Borg, and Johan Cruyff started donning their Lois Jeans. It wasn’t long before the rest of the world caught on, with everyone realising Lois provided a perfect fit.

It’s a real testament to a bold decision paying off. When they were first established in Spain in the early 60s, all the world knew was American jeans built on cowboy history. So these guys made a bold move to add fashion as well as function, and begin an origin of their own. Thanks to a good dose of Valencian spirit, they’re as timeless as ever, even today.

Of course, we can’t forget the presence of Lois Jeans in the Casuals movement. Obviously, subcultures are a brilliant part of history, and the football-going English casuals are up there with the best of them. Thanks to Lois’ comfortable fit, you’d see them styled with a pair of Stan Smiths or Gazelles at most matches. The best bit is, you can still see this look around today. It’s that timeless, always-on-trend element that only Lois knows how to do.

As if we needed to give these guys any more props, you should also know that they’re designed to be suitable for all climates, seasons and wardrobes. They believe in a longer lifetime than the fashion industry currently offers, and so they’ve left that ‘seasonal’ label right behind.