Established in 1967 as a humble market stall, Merc quickly expanded and opened a shop on London’s legendary Carnaby Street. With the likes of the Beatles and Rolling Stones taking the world by storm, Merc’s range of shirts, polos, jackets and more encapsulated the look and style of the Sixties and became a fashion lynchpin of the Mod scene, embracing the contrasting colours of the era.

Today Merc combines that classic 60s mod look with their own 90s Britpop and indie heritage and adds just a sprinkling of contemporary trends and fashions to bring you a broad lifestyle collection, because after all, Mod isn’t just a fashion trend, a music scene or a pop-art look; it’s a way of life.

Every discerning fashionista and mod should have a range of Merc’s classic mod clothing in their wardrobe.